Kelly's Heels is a London-based band, whose special brand of guitar-crazed pop has caught the imagination of a loyal band of fans worldwide. 

Kelly's Heels have been keeping busy, and Bob has been working on a variety of "guest" projects, including recording new incidental and theme music for upcoming TV comedy drama, as well as playing some UK festivals (including Glastonbury) with the wonderful Bruise, playing with Edward Ball and The Times, with Chris Wilson of the Flamin Groovies, with mod/pop band Rinaldi Sings and with Northern Soul band, Hi-Fi Sneakers. 

While you're waiting for the next gig, you can satisfy your insatiable need for guitar, handclaps and tambourine, with the fantastic latest album, Playing Into Your Hands, out now!

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What They Say ...

"Oodles of hooks, harmonies and repeated choruses that won’t leave your head no matter how hard you try ... Kelly’s vibrato-flecked lead-vocals make the album wholly unique. “ Toast magazine

“The melody of the ‘60s injected with the mayhem of the ‘70s” - Gary Pig Gold

“An artist at once incurably romantic and incurably neurotic ... Musically, Kelly strikes me in many ways as a British version of the Rooks’ Michael Mazzarella, but with a voice and songwriting sensibility more reminiscent of Glenn Tilbrook. Boasts some first-rate influences - Beatles, early Costello and Lowe ... but what is especially impressive is his attention to songcraft.” Dawn Eden

"Majestically moving melodies and ludicrously strong vocals " Melody Maker

"Bob Kelly's basic mission is  to squeeze as much as possible into the two-and-a half minute audio-space ..... and he does it wonderfully ...non-stop-hooks that makes you hit the repeat button again and again ... gorgeous melodies and super-catchy choruses" - POPISM

"Kelly`s Heels is doing some of the finest, most consistently listenable, Fab Four-inspired, power pop on the planet. " - NOT LAME

"Urgent guitars, sticky-sharp hooks and harmonies to die (or kill) for ... Kelly's quite the tunesmith, penning and singing memorable numbers like "Someone, Somewhere" (a bloody classic, this one), "Tell Me When It's Over" and "Should've Seen Her."  No ballads to be found here, kids, just high-energy, killer pop toons.  Remember: it's not retro, it's timeless. " Goldmine Magazine, Three Chord Brag review

 “Starting off with a juicy chunk of Beatlesesque, sticks-to-the roof-of-your-mouth jangle, Kelly's Heels lights a real fire under the bum of informed Brit pop. Like an injection of pure energy, these folk have captured a kinetic momentum that saturates all five senses. Absolutely glorious pop writing. “ - CD Baby


Remembering Richard & Jubilation Lee ...  

This week is the fifth anniversary of the death of our friend Richard. To mark the occasion we've taken a run at one of his earlier songs, Flyby, and enlisted Jane Watkins and Toby Kelly to provide their inimitable assistance on keyboards and saxophone, respectively. It's not completely finished yet, but it's certainly (or 'cat inky', as predictive text would have it!) far enough along to share with you.

Please join us in raising a glass to him this Friday, May 16th, wherever you may be.

The latest Kelly's Heels album is here! 

The latest Heels album is called Playing Into Your Hands and features 12 great new Kelly's Heels tracks.  If you've caught recent live gigs, you'll have heard previews of two tracks, Anything But This, and Imperfect, but there's plenty more that will be completely new material to everyone, and also new to this album are musical contributions from Steve Rinaldi (trombone) and Jane Watkins (cello). And although the Heels don't usually do cover versions, you'll see why they've made an exception for a haunting cover of Bruise's song, Nobody Else. Buy it here or from CD Baby, iTunes, and many more ... And to persuade you to invest in the physical object, yes, it's a CD that looks like vinyl!

Popaholic voted this 9/10 and one of the top albums of 2011, and other reviews are starting to come in: "Bob Kelly's songs are reminiscent of the Mamas and the Papas ... these are songs of sweeping emotion, brilliant hooks and unending musicality." Pop Geek Heaven